eel & traditional Japanese/classic Japanese course

A 12-minute walk from Ishinomaki Station, Yahataya first opened for business in 1913. The restaurant was destroyed in the Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tsunami, but thanks to the efforts of many people was able to re-open at its original site on July 11th 2012. A short walk over the stepping-stones to the entrance takes you to a warmly lit restaurant interior. The walk-in area can be used without reservations and since the 2011 disaster this area has been consolidated into a single unit for convenience and comfort. The first floor contains generously spacious seating at tables for 12, a Japanese tatami matted room for 8, and a counter for 4. The second floor is also traditional Japanese style with a capacity of up to 60. This room can be partitioned into two depending on party numbers. The restaurant boasts a wide variety of delicious items served in elegant tableware, and the exquisite aroma of its signature grilled eel sometimes wafts out from the kitchen area. Yahataya considers its cuisine to be the equivalent of tailored clothes made to order, the polar opposite of mass-produced fare. It does its utmost to provide the welcoming atmosphere, caring service and carefully prepared food that most suits each individual customer. Prepare to be enthralled by the intricate and innovative cooking that reflects the changing seasons in both its food and the dishes in which it is served. The owner sincerely hopes that all visitors can glean not only the satisfaction of a delicious meal, but also an appreciation of the beauty of Japanese culture in this setting.

expertly prepared eel steeped in a savory sauce that has come from the same source for over 100 years, ingredients continually added as required. This sauce miraculously survived the 2011 tsunami and is still used to this day. After being grilled to an aromatic and crispy perfection, the eel is carefully laid on a bed of high quality white rice. Be prepared for a new definition of the word delicious with this dish.

U-maki soba
barbecued eel and green soba noodles rolled in nori seaweed.

Ishinomaki seasonal
twin bowl set
two mini bowls of rice with seasonal seafood toppings, served with soup and pickles.

Kaiseki bentō lunchbox
set meal of various dishes, including grilled beef slices and vegetable assortment.

Miso unagi (for a present)
this recipe makes the perfect gift. The highest quality Japanese freshwater eel is steamed and grilled, after which it is steeped in locally produced miso from the renowned Chōju Miso company, together with seven other seasonings and spices. After being left to mature for 2 or 3 days, gourmets rave over the exquisite flavor.

The 2011 disaster has brought more overseas guests to the Ishinomaki area, for visits, study and research. At Yahataya we will do our best to accommodate all our customers’ needs, so please feel free to let us know.
Knives, forks & spoons available in addition to chopsticks. All seating is table & chair style. Also, we can provide vegetarian and halal meals.
No English-speaking staff are available, so we recommend being accompanied by someone who can interpret.
Menus available in the following languages: English,Chinese (2 versions), Korean, French, Russian, Thai.

12 min walk from Ishinomaki Station




eel & traditional Japanese/classic Japanese course


2-8-23, chuō, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi, 986-0822





Opening Hours:

Lunch 12:00〜14:00

Dinner 17:00〜19:30 (last order)

*opening hours can be changed depend on COVID-19 infection status, so please check our website

Closed on:

Tuesday dinner time, Wednesday, Bon holiday, New Year Holidays




no smoking

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PayPay, M-pay, d-payment


18 vehicles

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wheelchair accessible